My interview with Hague Publishing – 1st of 3.

13 Oct

Yes I know I just bedazzled you all with an epic blog post last night (sarcastic, me?) but the following came through from my publisher after my blog post. If I had known, I would have saved the fascinating story of my children’s talent at naming pets and my love of giant New Zealand rabbits for another time.

The interview can be found on YouTube here.

For the background on how it all came about, keep reading. You know you want to.

As those of you who have read my blog will know, both Bonnie’s Story and Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! are signed with the fabulous new Indie publisher – Hague Publishing. As part of being a member of this exclusive little publishing family, I had to give an interview on Youtube about my work.

Look, my books are worth chatting about… but me on Youtube? I still cringe at the thought. Why shatter people’s mental image of me as a striving, stunning and witty person and replace it with the real fat and frumpy me who says ‘Ummm’ too much and doesn’t look at the camera as much as she should? Oh, hang on, you’ve probably seen pictures of me haven’t you and so that mental image I hoped you’d have is just wishful thinking on my part. Damn. 😉

Still, I actually don’t mind the interview and am interested to see how the other two parts come out. The second interview, from memory, is me talking about Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics while the third interview is more on Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! But they were done about a month ago and a lot has happened since then so I can’t remember. I’m also inheriting my father’s goldfish memory (look, another castle!) and so yeah, struggle with things that happened a week ago let alone that far back. 😉

All the same, watch, hopefully enjoy and please restrict your comments to stuff said in the interview rather than the appearance of the dowdy housewife type sitting there saying ‘um’ a lot. I did mention self-image issues right? Not fishing for compliments, just getting in with the justified barbs before anyone else. 😀

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO

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