We’re getting close to the pointy end!

16 Feb

Yes, only a few weeks to my official eBook launch at the SA Writer’s Centre during Adelaide Writer’s Week. Your invite can be found here.

As cheesy as it sounds, it really is a dream come true to be a part of the festival as well as a book lover going to some of the events. You can even find me in the official Adelaide Writer’s Week program! Look really closely on page 51 and there I am.

In other news, Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics now has a free sample for you to read up on the Hague Publishing Website. There is also the option to pre-order it if you find the sample interesting enough. And I really do hope you find it interesting enough, or why else am I working on a sequel? 🙂

Did you know Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics now also has a Facebook page? Come along and like me there too. I’m a youngest child so I obviously demand attention, or so I’m told.

It can also be found on GoodReads now too. Yes we are getting out and about on the Internet!

I’ve recently also had my first, and hopefully not only, little fifteen seconds of fame too! I have had interviews with two lovely local newspapers and even had a photo shoot for one of them. Both articles, I believe, will appear in editions of their papers The Courier and The Weekender Herald just before the March 2nd Launch. So, if you’re local, keep an eye out. If I can, I will try and offer links to the articles for those who aren’t local, but are still interested. Aw bless you for your interest.

To top all this action off, I’ve received the official flyers and business cards for my eBook from Hague Publishing. And so, will be handing them out liberally to anyone who dares make eye contact. You have been warned. I am a passionate writer and a passionate mother, and as this eBook is like a fourth child to me, I will be parading it about proudly and making you all have a hold.

I will end my blog with a little brag, I know I shouldn’t, but I am mortal. I happened to be lucky enough to get into a Twitter conversation with one of my all-time favourite authors from my teens – Isobelle Carmody. It was all about genres and how you would really classify what a book is today in the ever changing genres that are out there. Like, yes Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics is speculative fiction, but what really is the sub-genre, seeing ‘spec fic’ covers so much? Some have suggested Young Adult (16+) while other even Chic Lit or even Light Science fiction. It really is a good topic of conversation and one I am hoping to openly discuss… once more people have read my work. I am very curious to know. And hey, Isobelle Carmody!!!! If it hadn’t been for my eldest preferring the name she ended up with (long story, not being told here) her name would have been Elspeth!

Well, that’s me done. If you’re going to be in Adelaide on the 2nd of March and need something to do for an hour or so around 6:30pm come and see me. I can’t offer you a free book, but there will be nibbles and I’ll even sign a business card or flyer for you. 🙂

All the best – Janis.

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