The official cover art and other interesting news.

26 Jan

bonnies story ebook cover 400x600

Yes, here it is! The official cover for Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s guide to Mathematics. And how wonderful does it look? Huge thanks to Dean Harkness for his fabulous work. I wanted something in this style, due to my liking of said style, after seeing it used on the covers of some of my favourite author’s books. Does that make sense? Hope so. Anyway, I got it. Yay!

And with the cover done and officially out there for all to see, more fun and exciting things are happening. Not only will my eBook be appearing on Goodreads and other online ‘booky places’ soon, but we will really be getting into publicity events and putting Bonnie’s Story out there for people to see. If you are a book reviewer, and would be interested in giving my eBook the once over before its official launch, please contact Hague Publishing and discuss with them.

In other fantastic news, not only does it look like I will get a Launch for Bonnie’s Story at Adelaide’s Writer’s Week, but my local (and much loved) library, the Mount Barker Community Library, has offered themselves as a venue to the official eBook is released on June 15th! Call it a Local Launch maybe? As a supporter of all things local, and a lover of the Adelaide Hills and its glorious community, I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to have a launch in my ‘home’.

The official flyers cum invites are also now being finalised with the hopes I can start distributing them soon. They are for the Launch ‘do’ during Writer’s Week and, as it’s nearly a month away, I am getting a little nervous about it all. Very exciting.

Okay, well, that’s enough enthusiastic waffling from me for now. I just wanted to show off the gorgeous cover and pass on my latest bit of news. Once we have more things finalised, I will once again be posting here.

Have fun until then!


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