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Feeling the love in these thar Adelaide Hills.

Hi everyone,

As I’ve been inundated by messages from concerned friends and followers all over the world, I’m posting the update from my Facebook Author page here as well.

I am NOT glorifying the moment or milking a bad situation for my own gain – which is why I’m not metatagging this post – I am simply passing on an update as so many people are asking.

Firstly – we are safe. We are situated in a “safe” town for the moment and I do say it like that simply because we are currently safe from this fire. If the possible thunderstorms come through and we get more lightning strikes and new fires, we might not be as safe… so yeah, we’re alert and watching.

Sadly my family has been affected. My 85 year old grandfather lives over in the fire zone and we’ve had a tense few days of no contact from him… while seeing part of his farm on fire on the news. :-/

Thankfully we’ve had some good news on the situation this morning and now know he’s fine, the house still stands and he has only minor injuries but his dog is missing. The family will be heading over there to help him as soon as the authorities let us through. We have to wait for them to ensure the roads are safe to travel and this could take up to a week as the fire is, as I write this, still uncontained and out of control. So please keep those prayers and good wishes coming for him, the dog and everyone else caught up in this terrible moment.

We’re helping friends out after they were evacuated from their own town (closer to the fires) and we hope to take donations to our local town oval where more people are currently camped out with their horses and other life stock. It’s a bit odd to think of all these wonderful people as evacuees, but it’s fantastic hearing all the reports of how well they’re being looked after and welcomed into our town. So they might not need us as everyone else is also rushing over to help!

As scary as this all is, it’s showing how awesome Adelaide is and we’re all pulling together to help out however we can. If you want to help, I’d say donate to the fabulous CFS (Country Fire Service) as a thank you for all their hard work. Or, if you’re a local like me, make up some sandwiches, cakes, muffins, etc, grab some feed for horses and head to an oval near you to remind those sheltering there we’re thinking about them.

As I’ve had a lot of friends overseas asking if there is anything they can do to help… firstly let me say you’re awesome and your big hearts do you credit. If you really do want to help the CFS are accepting donations as they are a mostly volunteer based organisation who runs on donations from the community. They have been tireless in their efforts to save as many homes and life stock as possible and I am very grateful to their dedication and will be donating to them myself.

To donate, please go visit their site here. If we all donated the equivalent of one dollar… just think of the money they would receive to help them keep being heroes and keeping us safe. No, I’m not only donating one dollar, we’ll be donating more than that as they’re one of the charities I donate to every year.

Can I just thank every single person who has contacted me with their concern, well wishes, prayers and positives thoughts. It makes this big old world of ours feel a lot closer and cosier. We appreciate knowing you’re concerned and really feeling the love right now. Thank you.

Stay safe, stay alert and pray for rain.

Janis. XXOO

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I’m on tour with Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My!

So it’s been a week since Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! was let loose into the world and so far so good. In the mean time I’ve not been sitting there waiting for the money to roll in as, well, that’s not how it works for an emerging Author and not what I set out to achieve. I write as I enjoy it and I share my stories in the hopes others will enjoy it too. And, so far so good! 🙂

What I have been doing this week is a virtual book tour with Bewitching Book Tours, and I’m loving it! I highly recommend any emerging Author wanting to get their books noticed (whether paper or an eBook) to invest in a virtual book tour. And I highly recommend Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours if you’re writing in the paranormal or urban fantasy genre.

Yes I know a virtual book tour doesn’t physically take you anywhere and it’s not as glamorous as being able to swan in and out of a book store smiling for pics and signing autographs… but let’s face it fellow emerging Authors – that isn’t going to happen for the majority of us, no matter how good our books are.

Don’t poo poo the virtual book tour as it is a fantastic way to get exposure to your work. Throw in a give-away to entice the readers and you can double your following of fans on social media. Now you have their attention though, it is up to you to keep it. The tour has done its magic and it’s now time to do your own.

A virtual book tour is definitely a worthy investment – if you find the right one that best matches your work – and shows your book off to far more people interested in that genre than an ad on say Facebook ever could. Go the virtual book tour! 🙂

As for me, what am I doing on my tour? Well, below you will find my schedule. I technically should have blogged about this last Monday when it started but my sharing and caring hordes have passed on a couple of different winter bugs to me and so I’m a little behind in my asset shaking. Still, the links to where I’ve already been are still valid so please feel free to go check them out. Not just for my work but for the other awesome Authors out there shaking their assets just as hard.

My tour schedule:

September 1 Guest blog
Mythical Books

September 2 Spotlight
Cassandra M’s Place

September 3 Interview
Pembroke Sinclair.

September 4 Spotlight
3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy,Sissy. Too!

September 5 Spotlight
Deal Sharing Aunt

September 8 Spotlight
Lisa’s World of Books

September 9 Spotlight
Jodie Pierce’s Ink Slinger’s Blog

September 10 Interview
Roxanne’s Realm

September 11 Guest blog
Fang-tastic Books

September 12 Guest blog
The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

September 15 Interview 
Bewitching Book Tours Magazine

September 16 Top Ten List
Darkest Cravings

September 17 Spotlight
Deal Sharing Aunt

September 18 Spotlight
Soaring Eagle Publicity

September 19 Interview
Eclipse Reviews

September 20 Spotlight
Cover Reveals

September 22 Character Interview
Author Karen Swart

September 23 Spotlight
Sapphyria’s Book Reviews

September 24 Top Ten Comfort Foods
Cabin Goddess

September 25 Spotlight
Share My Destiny

September 25 Review
Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

September 26 Spotlight
CBY Book Club

September 29 Guest blog

September 30 Interview and review
happy tails and tales

**Please note: I have been having difficulties with WordPress actually REMEMBERING the links in the list. I have added them repeatedly and they work… and then they stop working. It is a WordPress fault. So if a link is not working, please just copy it and paste it into a new browsing window. Sorry about this, but as said – this is a WordPress fault.

There you have it, my virtual book tour. I hope to see you around the sites and there is always the option for you to come and say hi to me on my Author page on Facebook or to tweet me on Twitter.

I’ve really enjoyed the interviews and blog posts I’ve done so far and I send out a big thanks to Roxanne and all the people who opted in to host me on this tour. You are all awesome and emerging Authors appreciate your help… well, this one does anyway. Thank You!

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO

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Book Launch for Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My!

Yes, it’s all over and done with. Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! has been let loose into the world and I hope it makes lots of friends and entertains many people.

I’d like to thank Hague Publishing for taking on this new book and putting so much time and effort into getting it to this point. Here’s hoping we have some success!

Another big thank you goes out to the Mount Barker Community Library for hosting the launch and providing such lovely support. It means a lot to have such fantastic backing.

Oh, and finally a huge thank you to both the Adelaide Hill’s Courier and to the Weekender Herald for helping to promote me and my new book. Being a big supporter of local businesses, talent and producers, it’s fantastic to see I’m not alone and others are willing to help out the ‘little guy’ so – THANK YOU!

courier 240814

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! listed in the Courier’s ‘Bookshelf’

Me Weekender Herald 220814

My interview with the Weekender Herald.












Okay, onto the launch. Well, we had it. Our bookings indicated we’d get a small crowd and in reality we got an even smaller one. Story of my life really… but this was my third book launch and I can happily say the crowds have been steadily growing in size since the first one. 🙂


My display – beautifully created by my middle child (7).

So, I sat, figured out what I wanted to say… chatted about the first book and then about the entire series. So far it appears I’m onto a winner with the third book We represent the Demon Guild and now I just have to get around to writing it. Left testicles did get discussed as it was scary to realise it was mentioned in the book so manytimes. I blame Trishna, he said it. 🙂


Me figuring out what I was going to say. I’d obviously spent too much time and effort on the catering.


If you see the hand gestures you know I’m talking and not paying attention to what I do… too caught up in the world I’m spinning.










There was food, of course there was food. I love to bake and so used the little launch as an excuse and did the catering. Yeah, don’t cater your own launch. A very wise and experienced writer told me last year you should never cater your own launch. It doesn’t matter how small it is or how much you like to bake. It just adds to the stress so don’t do it. I have learnt my lesson.


Grain free chocolate brownies… hmmmmm…..

Though my grain free chocolate brownies were awesome. Just saying. 🙂

So, the launch it done. Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh my! is out there to be enjoyed and can be bought from all major eBook retailers. Now to keep going with the second book in the series There’s no place like Hell and hopefully get it out to audiences late next year.

My blogging will return to normal now the launch is over with one minor exception. It’s been pointed out to me that there are many worthwhile and simply amazing charities and non for profit organisations around the world that are too small to be heard when they ask for help and support. So I’ve decided to add my voice, as small as it too is, and help them out. So I will be highlighting such charities, with their permission, on my blog to lend them my voice. If you know of any such charity or organisation, feel free to mention them and I will go check them out. I will be starting with charities I already donate to on a regular basis (both big and small) and explain why it is I give to them. I feel if we all took the time to find up to ten charities to support, all our small voices could start to make a big difference.

As they say, if you don’t feel small actions make a big difference – see a tissue left in a trouser pocket in a load of darks. 😉

Until next time,



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