This is it! Release day!

15 Jun

As a lot of my author friends say – Happy Publication Day!

Yes, Bonnie’s Story – a Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics was not only released today, but done with a little book launch party at the wonderful Mount Barker Community Library. There will be pictures… I just haven’t been sent them yet. So watch this space!

We doubled the audience numbers we had at the Adelaide Writers Week launch too, and I wasn’t even related to all of them! Still, we were up against the first sunny day in a week, and I am still a little author fish in an ocean of literary geniuses, so it was small. We like saying intimate. And, as there was cake, hot chocolate and choc chip biscuits… can you really complain?

I signed some of my Bonnie’s Story business cards and flyers (and not just for my daughter’s collection) and even helped one of the guests at the launch buy a copy of the book!

Despite starting out the day all nerves and worry over disappointing the Library for drawing only a small crowd, or disappointing people who bought the book for it not being good enough – I had fun! Actually, I think we all did! ANd I received some fantastic feedback from people who have already read the book. Still, that sunny day was enticing me all the same to go hide in the garden to plant some bulbs. If I don’t turn up for any further public appearances, I suggest you look there first. 😉

In other news, I’ve now sold  I think 10 copies of Bonnie’s Story – A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics. Not bad for an eBook just released today!

I’ve also discovered that we’ve been suggested as a good read on the USA Today website. Loving this level of confidence in plugging my book, especially from people I don’t even know. So thank you so very much for the plug. I’ll add you to my list of people I owe a drink! 😉

Speaking of people I now owe a drink, the fantastically talented author and, I’m told, pretty good Morris Dance Michael Jecks has provided me with my first celebrity quote!

It is:

“A brilliant YA story from an author with the imagination to fire a dozen Dr Who stories! Exciting and gripping.”

And although Bonnie’s Story is more Chick Lit or New Adult in genre than Young Adult, I do love the bit about Dr Who. Seeing I’ve lived and breathed it all my life and do blame it on a lot of my quirky ideas in writing.

Breaking news! Really, I just did that to try and see if you were paying attention, though this next bit is indeed big news. Despite being knocked back of two Literary Agencies this week – as I obviously come across as a two bit no good author to those too busy to take the time to get to know my work – I’ve actually accepted the offer of another publishing contract with Hague Publishing for my current manuscript Isis, Vampire and Ghosts – Oh My! So…. Yay!

I had been offered a contract by another Indie Publisher (within four days of pitching it I must add in my best gloaty tones), I’ve decided to stick with Hague Publishing as, quite honestly, they’ve decided I was worth them putting a lot of their time and effort into supporting my writing dreams, so I should return the favour and try and support them back. And, of course, make us both a bit of money while we’re at it! 😉 I’m starting to give up on the idea of finding a literary agent too. I’m obviously not shaking my assets at them in the most impressive money making ways, so I may just give up, stick with the writing – which is what I do best – and enjoy my paddle in a smaller pond as that little fish I keep mentioning. I will, however, keep shaking my assets at all likely readers, so don’t fret if you missed it last time! There will be more shaking soon.

To end with another bit of news. If you’ve already read Bonnie’s Story, you may be happy to know there is going to be a sequel and I’m already working on it, and discussing it with Hague Publishing. As usual, watch this space for more updates to come.

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO

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One response to “This is it! Release day!

  1. Leonie Rogers

    June 15, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    Congrats Janis! And congrats on the second book deal too!


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