This is part of the ‘And then some’ – attempted synopsis on latest completed manuscript!

08 Apr

Okay, so I always intended to make this blog about all my writing, starting it off with Bonnie’s Story as that’s what I already had a publishing contract for.

And so, it’s time to veer away from Bonnie for a moment as I have finished Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! and have been toying with a synopsis.

I am the first to willingly admit I can’t do synopsis… I am rubbish at them and this is a great shame as they really will make or break your manuscript when read by a Publisher. To add to this, I’ve had to write a 300 word or less synopsis (to meet the criteria of Publishers I plan on submitting it to) and I really do feel it has become more of a ‘back of the book blurb’ than an actual, dyed in the wool, synopsis. Wow, what a run on sentence that was!

And so, here it is. My first attempt short synopsis for Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! I would love to call it a very rough draft or such to try and excuse how bad it is… but sadly, it’s not. I spent ages on it. I am, as said, just rubbish at synopsis.

Still, read, enjoy, correct if you feel the need. I would, however, like to know if you’d read it, from the drivel I’ve written here. It’s paranormal fiction so brace yourself.

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! is a paranormal-fiction story told in a rather sarcastic first person by lead character Stephanie Anderson. She discovers her estranged wild child little sister has died and must attend her funeral.

Estella, said sister, had fallen in with a crowd of apparent new-age types living in an old church calling themselves ‘The Temple of Isis’. Upon arriving at the church, Stephanie not only discovers her sister isn’t dead, but undead, and partially infected by a vampiric virus: Meaning a vampire is slowly possessing her – body and soul. So Estella is herself, though undead, during the day but possessed by a vampire during the darkest of night. Stephanie also learns that vampires are really a stain left behind when a demon is killed and belong to the ‘Other World’, living in the Darkness.

The Priestess of the Temple of Isis, who walk in the Light, inform Stephanie: to save her sister’s soul she must retrieve the vampire’s crucible and remove him from Estella’s body. If unsuccessful, Estella – who made Stephanie’s life hell – will be possessed completely and her soul lost to purgatory.

As Estella had done something so horrendous to her sister, Stephanie wonders if she can forgive her let alone help Estella rest in peace. But can she really allow her to go to purgatory?

In seeking the crucible Stephanie meets demons, binds herself to the ghost of a pissed off Buddhist monk (who has a nasty potty mouth), makes several deals with creatures of the Darkness and Light alike and learns you really can imprison a vampire possessing your undead sister with a sunbed.

She does, in the end, succeed in finding the crucible. Uses it to kill Estella and also forgives her for the horrendous deed of their past.”

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