We had a launch!

04 Mar

bonnies story ebook cover 400x600

Okay, so on Saturday night (March 2nd) I had my very first ever book launch in the Atrium area of the SA Writer’s Centre. The following blog is a quick run through of it all and a few snap shots. We had hoped for more shots, but as I really don’t like having my picture taken, and I’m in most of them, this is all you’re getting. 🙂

The first shot is of the Atrium as we’re setting up. It is a big, beautiful space, with a great atmosphere. I love old buildings so really enjoyed having the opportunity to get to play in this one.


 So, with Clipsal, the Fringe, Adelaide Festival, other Writer’s Week functions and various concerts and what not… well, it was a small group that turned up. We all settled down and I talked about Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics. I answered some questions about my eBook and read some of my favourite bits. Like when we meet Sylvester and my favourite scene with the car in the shopping centre car park.

DSCN0108                                                      DSCN0112

They really look interested, don’t they?! 😉 We had some laughs, and as it was such a small group we were able to discuss other things, like writing techniques and ideas. After that, I was asked where my ideas come from, so tried to explain it and ended up talking about my current manuscript Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! instead. Heck, it was a win, win situation for me.

Dscn0111a                                                         ??????????

This one is a good one. It’s my husband sitting up the back being the bouncer and not wanting any bother. 😉 Actually the group we had was really small and lovely, and he usually sits like this at the back of a crowd. I just thought it looked a good ‘Bouncer’ moment.


Although no pictures of it, we then enjoyed some lovely produce supplied by Georgina’s Fine Foods of Mount Barker, drank some local yummy juices and bubbles and ended the evening chatting about all sorts of things while sharing some Haigh’s chocolates.

I would really like to thank Andrew of Hague Publishing for giving me the opportunity for holding the book launch, as well as the SA Writer’s Centre for organising it all, getting me included in the Adelaide Writer’s Week program and being their usual encouraging selves.

If there were downers to the event, and they would be little ones, it would be that the turn-out was low and I got little to no support from the actual Adelaide Writer’s Week people. (Except for my volunteer helper Margo, who was just fantastic!)

Now, I know I’m a new and emerging writer and that I obviously don’t know the right people. Plus I am launching an eBook, not deemed by some a real book, and it’s not released until June… so I understand the lack of assistance, to a point. But when a gal sends you a polite tweet asking for a shout out for her launch; that is actually in your program… Was it really polite to ignore the request when others saw it and retweeted it for me instead?

But, oh well! I seriously don’t mind too much. Yes I am a new, emerging author of an eBook and pretty much unknown outside of my small circle of friends… but you know what? I had a simply fantastic time and only really regret so many others missed out on being a part of it.

There’s always the launch in June at the Mount Barker Library I guess. 😉

Have a great week!


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