‘Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s guide to Mathematics’ is one step closer!

15 Dec

Hello everyone,

So this is my new blog as an up and coming author awaiting the launch of my very first ever book in early 2013 through Hague’s Publishing.

About my new book, well this is what we can share so far:

Bonnie’s Story by Janis Hill

A Blonde’s Guide to Mathematics – when hard maths meets a rolled up newspaper

Meet Bonnie, very much a woman of this century, with a distinctly Australian view on life, who’s handy with a rolled up newspaper.

Bonnie’s story starts when she notices Rogan, a young man, taking photos of street signs outside her house. Upon confronting him, Bonnie is plunged into a world of mathematics and science: a world where she visits the Moon, watches life begin, and learns the true depth of mathematics. A world where Rogan’s friends transport themselves across the globe using nothing more than smoke like algorithms and a picture in their phone. A world where, by using the science of ‘hidden logic’, doors can be created in any repetitive pattern on a vertical surface to connect to the Moon (the hang out for Rogan and his ragtag group).

As her acceptance of her new life and her relationship with Rogan blossoms (assisted by a number of quick trips by Rogan to Belgium for chocolates) she discovers that Rogan’s group is threatened by Sylvester, an outsider, who has the ability to coerce people into doing his will. That is, until he meets Bonnie and is firmly put in his place by her own anger and stubbornness.

What follows is a mad dash around the world for Bonnie and her new friends as they try to escape Sylvester, until the final climatic confrontation on the Moon.

Does it sound interesting enough yet? Well, upon request of a good friend, I will be doing a Q&A on my book in coming days. Then I hope to get some of the timelines for its release posted. For now I can say the cover art is being worked on and we’re booked for the Launch at the Adelaide Writer’s Week on March the 2nd at the SA Writer’s Centre.

What else can I tell you? Well, the above mentioned cover art is currently in its initial stages with the fantastic and incredibly talented Dean Harkness and I’m looking forward to what he can do for Bonnie and her story as I love his work.

Other than that I am awaiting the initial edit (is there going to be a lot of red corrections scrawled all over it?) and working on a few other writing projects (including a sequel to ‘Bonnie’s Story’) in between being a mum, celebrating the Solstice and Christmas and surviving the school holidays with my demonic hordes (AKA children).

This is all very exciting and I hope to bring you more news soon!



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2 responses to “‘Bonnie’s Story: A Blonde’s guide to Mathematics’ is one step closer!

  1. Lucy Corrander

    December 22, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    It sounds mind-boggling.

    Have a very happy Christmas, Janis.


    • janishill

      December 22, 2012 at 10:15 pm

      Thanks Lucy, I hope that’s mind-boggling in an interesting and amusing way. 😉

      Have a lovely Christmas too! Keep warm!



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